Exchange Student from a partner University


1)  If you are an Exchange Student (Erasmus or non-Erasmus) from a Partner University interested in coming to Torino on exchange for the academic year 2015/2016, check the following links for information on courses, deadlines and other key facts:

International Students' Handbook 2015/2016 (NEW !)

- Academic Calendar 2015/2016  (NEW !)

- Fact Sheet 2015/2016   (NEW !)

- Degree programmes 2015/2016:


List of courses 2015/2016  


The Exchange Students interested in coming to our University must be officially nominated by the Home University before mid July 2015.



2)  If you are an Exchange Student (Erasmus or non-Erasmus) and if you have already been nominated by your Home University for the academic year 2015/2016, please find below other key information for your exchange period:

- Application Form 2015/2016: it is now available! Click here

The deadlines for completing the Application Form will be as follows:

- end july 2015 for students applying for the first semester or for the full academic year;
- end november 2015 for students applying for the second semester.

The students can do their on-line application only after the official nomination from their HOME University, not before.

The exchange students coming from the Non-European Countries will receive the INVITATION LETTER sent by our Exchange Students Office necessary for the entry visa in Italy.

Moreover, all exchange students regularly nominated by their Home University will receive a welcome letter stating a lot of useful and important info about their exchange period at the School of Management and Economics.


As for information about courses, academic calendar, etc. please refer to the previous point 1)



3)  If you are an Exchange Student (Erasmus or non-Erasmus) from a partner University and you are already in Torino (academic year 2014/2015), these are other important links that may be of interest to you:

International Students' Handbook 2014/2015 (Vers. 01 - updated in October 2014)

- Academic Calendar 2014/2015

- Fact Sheet 2014/2015

- Degree programmes 2014/2015:

- General List of courses 2014/2015




- ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSES offered by the UNIVERSITA' DEGLI STUDI DI TORINO for the second semester 2014/2015: please visit the webpage Italian Courses - Free Italian courses for Erasmus students